Sonic Landscapes

Sonic Landscapes is a participatory project exploring the visualisation of sound through mark making. For my virtual artist residency at BasementArtsProject I initiated an open call for people to join in the creation of an audio-visual collage. Participants were invited to create a drawing of the sounds they could hear around them and an audio recording in a location of their choice. The invitation was to use the act of making marks on paper as a way to tune into details in their sonic environment, listening for the textures, rhythms and locations of sound. I used the drawings to create a digital collage - a kind of 'map'; and used the audio recordings as samples to create a sonic journey to accompany the image.

I created the visual collage by layering peoples drawings together, looking for possible points of connection, textures and details that could feasibly resemble an aerial perspective on a landscape. I then used this map as a score from which to create the sound piece by layering sounds together where they intersected with other drawings. Some of the audio clips are unedited, some are modified, and some details have been used to create rhythms and melodies. The sound takes you on a journey through the map, as if travelling through an imaginary sonic landscape. The piece was developed over the period of one month inside a virtual exhibition space, to resemble the space where the exhibition would have taken place had there not been Covid restrictions in place.

On this page you can see the full collage. Press play to hear the sound and go full screen to zoom into and explore the map and create your own journey.

The sound is best experienced using headphones.

All sounds and drawings featured in this project are those that were submitted by participants. I have not use any additional or my own materials.