Layers of London: Unmapping Webinar

This Layers of London webinar focused on the act of mark making as a creative tool for place-based storytelling and creating abstract cartography. The presentation centres around the most contemporary layer on the Layers of London website, the Chalk Map of Camberwell, (2019). The map was created as part of the Camberwell Arts Festival together with local residents, children and adults who marked personally and historically significant places onto a giant chalkboard. The resulting map, whilst not being wholly accurate, and slightly chaotic at points, locates some significant historical spots such as ‘Sultan Street, London’s most notorious slum’, as well as more personal and contemporary places like ‘Jamal’s house’.

In this webinar I talk about my processes in making abstract maps such as this, and about mark making as a subjective and playful tool to imagine and re-imagine spaces and places.