Home, The Home, To Home, At Home, From Home

When a mutual friend of my mum and I (Seckin Aydin), asked us both to contribute a video for an online exhibition about how Covid 19 has affected us and to share an artwork that we had made during lockdown, we took this as an opportunity to collaborate on a joint project. My mum (Gerdi) and I have shared a interest in how stories and memories are entangled within spaces and places, and since we were confined to our homes during the lockdown, me in London and she in Amsterdam, we felt that it would be interesting to use the domestic space as a site of investigation. Rather than looking at the present situation we decided to focus on a shared memory of home – the house I grew up in as a child. We each made a drawing of how we each remembered the house, marking on any particular details, objects, memories of emotions that came up through the drawing process.

By casting our imaginations back to a physical space that we inhabited until 1995, the drawings led to various reflections on objects which have retained significance, memories and dreams. We then showed each other and discussed our drawings on a zoom call.

An edit of our conversation and the drawings can be seen here.

Gerdi's Drawing

My Drawing

Our conversation