Unmapping Tottenham

A workshop as part of the Tottenham Pavilion, a community arts project on a disused patch of land on Seven Sisters road, London. I invited participants to contribute to making a collective map of their personal journeys to get 'here'. 'Here' could be interpreted loosely; a journey to get from their home to where we are now; from their place of origin to london; to this dimension from another.... Participants were asked to imagine this one particular journey, thinking of all the possible things they could remember from it, the route itself, any particular details that stood out to them - a person busking by the road, a particular shop front, a busy road, a beautiful tree etc... With their eyes closed they were asked to map these fleeting reflections as if their drawing hand was their minds eye splashing around their memory. Each person interpreted the activity in their own way, citing an enormous range of ways of reflecting through mark making, and revealing the subjectivity of our personal geographies.