Collage map children's workshop at Amsterdam Public Library

A workshop in collaboration with Het Buurtatelier and OBA, Amsterdam Public Library involving children from the Indischebuurt neighbourhood in Amsterdam, where I was living at the time. The workshop involved thinking about how we could use our own stories about places in the area and turn them into an abstract colourful artwork for the library. We started by looking at some of my own paintings and thinking about how stories of places could be abstracted into shapes and colours. We then set about choosing places that were important to each of the children in the neighbourhood, and making collages including elements from those places and activities that might take place there. Outside the library window where we eventually made the installation was a construction site, presently an empty gap. I asked the children to imagine what they would wish that they would build in that gap, imagining what the future city could look like. The installation was on display November 2017- February 2018.