Landscapes of the in-between

A performance lecture presented at a symposium at part of the exhibition "Annonymous Lives" held at Batman University, Turkey on 23rd September 2014. Curated by Seckin Aydin.

The lecture is based on footage and stories that I collected on an overland journey from Berlin to Batman, Eastern Turkey by hitch hiking and on trains, buses and boats. It is about a state of being in-between, being migrant, being on the road, and dreaming of another life somewhere else. Searching for greener grass or a better life. Long distance truck drivers, dreamers, migrants, nomads and exiles. This is both a personal narrative and a collection of stories and fragments from encounters that I had along the journey to come to Batman. I am currently in Batman as an artist in residence making a video installation that responds to the status of limbo of Iraqi and Syrian refugees in the area. This is a video interpretation of the lecture, the performance was live with live translation.