Memory Map

Memory Map was an interactive drawing project for Shuffle festival 2015: Movement, Migration and Place, which sought to explore the relationship between memory, fantasy and home. The festival was held in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, an urban forest wedged within an inner city district of East London. I wanted to reflect on the social and ethnic diversity of the area, by creating a fantasy 'map' consisting not of the streets and houses that people live in now, but of their memories of their childhood homes. I invited visitors to participate by making a drawing on a blackboard wall, with what they could remember of the floorplan of the house they grew up in. Each drawing could be added on to the board wherever they could find space or wanted it to be, joining on to other houses that were already there. As more drawings of houses were added to the board, a map began to emerge with imaginary streets and neighbourhoods. A city as a collection of memories from different places as well as from just around the corner.