Searching for the greener grass

"I once wrote you a story about a magic box, that every time you opened it, there would be a new adventure inside, a window into another world. It would always change and it would always be new, going deeper and deeper, into this endless journey.... This was our road, and I thought we would always travel along it, searching for that greener grass at the end of the line. This little patch of optimistic grass, on which we could build our unstable future, build houses and cities and empires of love. But we never found it, just kept on searching, not realising that we had it there in front of us all along...." (Excerpt from the audio of the performance)

A one to one performance which took place on the two front passenger seats of a bus on the way from Warsaw to the Nomadic Arts Festival, (2014, Charciabalda, Poland). We sit together while you listen to a recording of a story, as we look ahead out of the window. The story is about a journey, which is both fictional and autobiographical, about holding on and letting go, about searching for something new and looking back at the past. I ask you to help capture this moment of togetherness, to preserve it by making a drawing of the landscape as it passes by in front of us. I pass you a sketchbook and a pencil. Do not hold on to anything too long, focus on how it is constantly changing.